Colorful Green Sustainable Small Restaurant Design

This small restaurant design that is fully sustainable and adopt the green concept. The green concept is evidenced by the Clean Currents, which produces renewable energy in the DC area, and has been certified by the Green Restaurant Association for its prudent attitude on waste. Where, all the packaging is in compostable and made from corn, a line of reusable products such as salad bowls and bags, and the take-out menus are printed on recycled paper embedded with Wildflower seeds within, so customers can plant the menus and wildflowers grow. Sweet Green restaurant designed by Core Architecture + Design ( develop the concept and adapt the 460-square-foot building to meet the needs of a modern restaurant: food storage and preparation and customer circulation. With the touch of natural by using wooden floor, wooden wall and wooden ceiling, Core effectively utilize high-efficiency fluorescent lighting in the recess wooden ceiling to supplement the daylight from large glass windows. However, Sweet Green is a small fast food restaurant which successfully address the case of small foot-print, completely green and eco-friendly, as well.