Apply Traditional Asian Interior Design at Nishimura Restaurant in China

This Japanese restaurant that use traditional Asian interior design is really showing some different sides of contemporary and modern mixed with Asian elements. The CL3 Architects ( frequently adding natural elements such as wood and bamboo, arts, and traditional Chinese craftsmanship to create an impressive interior design. This is apparent on the Nishimura Japanese restaurant interior design, located at the Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing, China, which utilizes local materials such as: wood, bamboo, dried tree branches, pebbles, slate, sand, water and rocks. A touch of the engineered traditional Asian appears on a huge wooden wall that also reflects the uniqueness of the artistic restaurant partition design that made of 1000 plywood sheets, with 2 punctured ovals, shaped and created by handcrafted; the shape of a semi-sphere created by planes of plywood; and bent plywood engineered to make a sushi counter with a “wave” form enclosure. Restaurant lighting design is beautifully arranged with the lighting fixtures adjusted to get the expected lighting effects.