Beautiful Restaurant Furniture Collection in Luxury Garden Restaurant by Garduño Architects

Presented in the luxury garden restaurant which brings deep impressions on sophisticated and spacious interior design, it perfectly much prettier by combining the natural elements of water and vegetation to get natural freshness, and various collection of restaurant furniture to maximize its spacious space. The luxury garden restaurant is located … Continue reading

CUPCAKE, the Charming Furniture Collection from Bretz

These are the sofa, armchair, and stool which visually providing comfort, especially when sit on it, then the very exciting experience, relaxing and comfortable has become a reality. This amazing furniture is CUPCAKE, designed by Carolin Fieber, manufactured by Bretz (, based on Hard bowl – soft core: Bowl is … Continue reading

Fabulous Modern Contemporary Red and White of Palabritas Beach House by Jose Orrego Architects

This ultra modern house covering the aspects of contemporary facade, open plan concept, landscape, color composition and home lighting ideas. Contemporary house facade is reminiscent of the Brazilian architecture design in Sixties with its modern curves, which capable in capturing the external factors of beautiful beach landscape by providing an … Continue reading

Red Shades on Modern Contemporary Home Design of Godoy House by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos

This is a modern contemporary home design that shows the greatness of the big size and open plan concept, with little touches of red shades which gave more flexibility on its contemporary style to free from the stiffly design. Luxury already appear on the exterior, featuring architecture design that presents … Continue reading