Find the Right Paint Colors for Kitchen

Without a doubt, kitchen is very important room within home. Getting good paint colors for kitchen will determine how your feeling when cooking, eating and doing activities at the kitchen. There are many consideration to choose colors, but I will make simple the principle.

Paint Colors For Kitchen

Wall vs Kitchen Cabinet

When we’re exploring to find paint colors for kitchen, we will face between wall and kitchen cabinet consideration. From where we will start? We will paint first wall then kitchen cabinet or opposite process? Easier task is started from wall, because first attention of kitchen appearance can be seen from wall kitchen color. So, specify what your favorite color for wall, then determine color for your kitchen cabinet. But if you think your kitchen cabinet is very special thing at your kitchen, so the process is started from kitchen cabinet color. For example, you have special kitchen cabinet from oak wood, it’s good to make it look as focal point, so your wall color will follow this special kitchen cabinet color.

Paint Color Schemes Kitchen

Psychology of Colors

Now I assume that you will explore paint colors for kitchen from wall, below are few meaning of colors.

  • Blue: create relaxing effect and decrease appetite
  • Green: create relaxing effect and balance
  • Orange: Stimulate mood to happy and increase appetite
  • White: create calming effect and bring elegant atmosphere
  • Brown: bring warmth atmosphere and reflect country kitchen style
  • Yellow: create welcoming impression

If you will paint your kitchen based on psychology of colors, it’s up to you.

Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Tips for Small Kitchen

Pay attention if your kitchen is small. Take the right paint colors for kitchen to create spacious illusion. To do it; paint all wall side in the same color. Don’t use different colors, because it will create separation impression and make your kitchen look narrower. Also avoid to use dark colors. Pastel, pale and neutral colors are the best choice for small kitchen.

Complete it this small kitchen with shiny backsplash, floral theme curtain pattern and shiny floor ( tiles or hardwood ).

Move Attention with Few Plants

Don’t be laugh! The existing of plants at the kitchen will bring freshness. Besides that this is clever trick to move people attention from thinking that kitchen size is small to this plants.

Shiny Your Kitchen ….

Your kitchen appearance can be made more shiny by painting wall and kitchen cabinet using semi gloss paint. It’s more expensive, but it’s more durable. It will be perfect if you combine with large window to let sun shine lighten inside kitchen. Don’t forget to avoid decorate window with heavy ornament. It will make your window decoration look so busy.

Conclusion: to determine perfect paint colors for kitchen can be started from wall or kitchen cabinet based on psychology of colors or based on dimension of kitchen.