Unique Villa DVT with Aluminum Panels Facade by Boetzkes Helder

This unique villa design from outside look rigid, but when we are in inside, our judgment will change. It’s so spacious, elegant and comfortable. Metal wall panels are not merely attractive in its functionality, yet, it have an aesthetic reason due to a unique blend of technique on aluminum panels and sunlight. The sunlight which is shining on textured aluminum panels will change the colors on the facade of the house. Furthermore, Villa DVT designed by Boetzkes Helder (www.boetzkeshelder.nl) plays with the sunlight in its minimalist home interiors resulting a dramatic interplay of light and shadow created by the incoming sunlight depending on the time of day and the sun’s position in the sky. Located in the suburbs Schuytgraaf, Arnhem, Netherlands, Villa DVT presents innovative Netherlands architecture design, where the exterior of the house is a simple rectangular shape affects the minimalist interior with loft design ideas, both in visually and layout featuring an open concept home design with the upper-left hallway facing the main, and the high ceiling design that gives the impression of relief and spacious.