Tips to Build Coolest Tree Houses for Your Kids

Building coolest tree houses at your backyard are creative idea to give your kids fun area to play and rest. Also it will interesting element at your backyard. If at your backyard there is sturdy tree and supported with hard solid condition, so it will be perfect condition to plan your cool tree house.

There are many shape and design of some coolest tree houses. But even though their designs are difference, the principle is always same. Same in function and same in how to construct it. Below are some things you should know before building your cool tree house.

Coolest Tree Houses

Find Your Idea

You can get ideas from everywhere: internet and architecture magazine. Find cool design that you like. Take paper and pencil to create rough sketch. Don’t forget to measure first height and width of your tree candidate. It’s perfect if your tree has 90 degree branches. It will make easier process to build your dream tree house.

After sketching your plan, then use tool like Google Sketchup ( free ) to draw its work picture and sheet. You may use another tool like SmartDraw or whatever you like.

Awesome Tree Houses

Safety First

No matter how beautiful of coolest tree houses ideas you will build, safety and security are the most important factor you must consider when you will build this tree house. Make sure all materials are constructed strong and well. Common material for building all tree house is wood. Use high quality wood for this purpose. When thinking about safety, please don’t use price as your first consideration.

Coolest Tree Houses For Kids

Specify Dimension

Since this cool house is a place for your kids, consider the strength of this tree house to hold all loads later. It must be able to hold heavy loads. Consider how many your kids ( and maybe their friends ) who will use it. Bigger tree house need bigger sturdy house with stronger branches.

Wall Painting Option

You may paint this tree house with whatever color you like to make it good looking like small home. But generally all tree houses have concept to feel living close to nature, so to build eco friendly environment, I suggest keep its wood like original condition to show its pattern and texture. It looks more natural.

Tips to Decorate

Usually all tree houses have simple decoration. Just think this tree house like tiny house, but built on tree and without wheel. Try to reduce all unnecessary furniture within this tree house. To cover floor, you may use carpet or vinyl sheet. These choice has advantage and disadvantage. Both carpet and vinyl are look good, but carpet tend to smell and vinyl sheet tend to wet because of moisture.

On the wall, you can hang kids photos. Small table can be put there. To decorate window, install thin curtain with less ornament to avoid crowd decoration and also to let wind and sunshine make fresh and warm room inside. Floral and bamboo theme are good ideas to be chosen for curtain ornament.

Anticipate from Rain

Rain and water are the most enemy for this tree house. Prepare plastic sheet to cover roof and wall. It’s important thing if you put some electronic device within this tree house.

Regularly Maintenance

All tree houses like normal house need regularly maintenance. Clean regularly from dust. And if you put carpet on the floor, in shiny day open window to let sun shine warm it to throw odor.

Every time you need to check all parts of construction, maybe there are parts need repaired. Remember, safety is number one important factor.

Now you have had understanding about concept of coolest tree houses. It’s your turn to plan, design, list all tools and materials needed to realize it.