The White Modern Concrete House in Lisbon by Jorge Mealha

The white modern concrete house capables of delivering solutions in the design and functionality based on its location on a sloping site, which is situated at Alto do Lagoal in Paço de Arcos, a district of Lisbon overlooking the sea. This modern white stacked volumes designed by Jorge Mealha (, let the white concrete structure dominated the external facade, though still accommodates glass windows that provide the abundance of natural light.

The composition of the storey-volumes at first glance appears complicated, but, it gives much benefit on the strategy of spatial arrangement, while the open space was created on the upper level accommodates a unique swimming pool and modern, and decking area to enjoy the view of the sea landscape. Some surfaces covered with shading devices by metal screening, create Big Slick plans texture on two facades of the house hiding windows. The interior design highlights the dominance of white color to paint ideas. As for flooring ideas, social areas are covered with polished white stone design, the bedrooms in industrial wood parquet floor design with colorless wax varnish finished, and the kitchen area in beautiful black ceramic sandstone