The Unique Natural House Design of Banyan Drive Treehouse by Rockefeller Partners Architects

An unique tree house design with modest in size of 170 sf, yet, it is quite effective for a studio space / living area and a toilet room, and also very enjoyable as part recreational getaway. Banyan Drive Treehouse designed by Rockefeller Partners Architects ( situated in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, CA, utilizing nature as part of home design, according to its location at the base of a large pine tree in the backyard of a canyon residence. The treehouse raised 12 ft. up supported by steel pillars structure represent the construction technique and also visible as a unique tree trunks that penetrate the interior’s body. This natural house design seems entirely adopting natural imagery that provides a rich palette with deep-oiled wood siding, mahogany windows, a roof Rheinzink, and of course the blend with surrounding green environment.