The Sustainable Modern Glass House Design in Albuquerque by Jon Anderson Architecture

Using sustainable materials, this modern glass house design allows to obtain various benefits from the Southern exposure, passive ventilation, maximize views of the abundant migratory wildfowl to the South, from the East with amazing landscape of Sandia mountain range, and the Rio Grande Bosque to the West. The Flyway View House, designed by Jon Anderson Architecture ( utilizing the solstice angles of the roof overhang to maintain comfort in the home interiors by limiting the high summer sun but maximize the gain in the low winter sun for passive heating. Meanwhile, the features of passive ventilation supports the air cooling system.

Concrete facade using a concrete block on the exteriors, and the glass facade utilizing wood framing, which can also be seen on the design of the ceiling over the bedrooms. In general, the roof design is supported by steel structure with a galvanized steel roof deck. The concrete slab flooring for floor design and the solar energy supplies heat on the radiant floor. The minimalist interior design creates a comfortable living space with glass facade as a medium between outdoor-indoor and brings the abundance of light, the same thing also occurs on dining area and kitchen. This modern glass house design is also equipped with a modern swimming pool which gives the image of luxury.