The smart extension for amazing green house design with small site by Zen Architects

This is a smart renovation and extension to create a green house design on a small site area of 166 square meters with the details: The 100 square meters building footprint area, floor area of 132 square meters and the size of 45 square meters outdoor garden area. A nice way to obtain of two functionalities at once: a perfect dwelling and green shades extension to the garden. North Carlton Green House is located in Melbourne, Australia, and designed by Zen Architects ( really fully accommodate the concept of green, and provide all things associated with eco-friendly home design, such as: all sustainable design elements , fused with the natural elements, rich in vegetation, low resource and compliant low energy. In general, the house covers the elements of architecture design, garden design, landscaping ideas, green interior design, to integrate them so it becomes a perfect dwelling of a compact green home design.