The Modern Hill Home Design with Dazzling Wood Interiors in Malibu

One thing that stands out of the hill home design is the ability to maximize the surrounding mountainous landscape. The other thing is to unite the hill house with a nature, so that a dwelling is really fun as well as reinforce its essence based on location, function and its existence. To maximize the surrounding mountainous landscape, then the site must be in a position that overlooking the landscape in the widest possible coverage areas. The location of the house right in the slope of the hillside is an appropriate choice. Next, choose modern or minimalist style such as a glass house design that exposes landscape effectively, by utilizing the large glass walls, glass windows and glass doors. Balcony become the next important place to expose the mountainous natural beauty with relaxing.

modern hill home  living space

modern hill home design

Uniting the house with nature is workable through the design of the open house concept, by creating much to room that are connected directly to the outdoors, while providing other benefits such as cross ventilation. Natural elements like wood can also be a useful part for this purpose. The hill house of the Blair Residence designed by Bruce Bolander Architect, situated in Malibu, California, utilizing wood accents to design and decorate the interiors with wooden walls and wooden ceilings. Of course, the touch of the wood elements really give a different appearance, among the glass, steel and concrete.

modern hill home bathroom

modern hill home  kitchen

open concept modern hill home