The Luxury House with Unique Glass Facade of Maison de la Lumiere by Duilio Damilano + Claudia Allinio

One thing that really attracted the attention of the modern luxury house located in Bologna, Italy, is the glass facade aspect which gives a different impression on the interior design, particularly in the living area. Glass facades provide an abundance of light and openness which become an important factor to produce a continuity of visual spaces. That is located on the roof, which become an inseparable part of the attic. Meanwhile, on the lower floor to create transparency towards horizontal view, overlooking the lovely swimming pool equipped with cascades from above. Maison de Lumiere is designed by architect Duilio Damilano + Claudia Allinio ( ; Photography by Andrea Martiradonna) also adopted the extraordinary modern home lighting, ranging from the use of modern lighting fixtures for outdoor lighting, for all rooms  interior design, up to a classic touch of the artistic chandelier in the dining room.