The Green Prefab Cabin Surrounded by Trees in Washington by Method Homes

This green prefab cabin shows flexibility of a construction technology that refers to the effectiveness, saving time, energy and cost. Located in Seattle, Washington, The Method Cabin designed by Method Homes ( with expertise in modern prefab homes, it is a custom manufacturer of precision-engineered prefab structures, and all built by master craftsmen. The prefab cabin accommodates the green concept so that it meets the standard as an eco-friendly cabin by utilizing the sustainable materials as well as sustainable building practices, such as the use of custom (and renewable) bamboo cabinets are topped with Ecotop on kitchen design, which is composed of equal recycled wood and parts bamboo fiber processed into new materials. Wood accents for the interior design is supported by all lumber with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, Yolo Colorhouse no VOC paints to paint ideas applied to the interior color. On the roof design using durable metal roof contains at least 25% recycled content and is a recyclable material. Warmboard supplies radiant heat, while low-flow fixtures conserve water. A solar installation is an important part of green prefab cabin, so the Method Cabin is designed to accommodate it.