The Contemporary Concrete Home Design in Portugal by 100 Planos – Architects

The unique extending volume of contemporary concrete home design measuring 330 m2 was able to streamline the shape of the land surface on the point of elevation overlooking the valley below. The Y form define a real adjustment based on the patterns of ground surface and topography which oriented to the sun and landscape with glass facades on strategic parts of its concrete house body structures. In addition, the shape of Y on Jorge Guedes’s house designed by 100 Planos – Architects (, creating a point of intersection that separates the public of the private areas which is both the entry and distribution. The minimalist interior design is very pronounced in the concrete house design located in Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Portugal and give a lovely modern shades, as well as effective and functional. Such modes appear in the living space overlooking landscape through the glass walls, which is also a unique cantilevered volume on the exterior side.