Sustainable Prefab Swedish House Plan with the Passive house Concept in Sweden by Kjellgren Kaminsky

The uniqueness of the unusual round facade immediately drew our attention to the Swedish house plan which has many advantages. This is the eco-friendly house, which is capable of adapting and become a dynamic part of the natural environment around it. The awesome sustainable house of Villa Nyberg designed by Kjellgren Kaminsky ( featuring passive house design to overcome the cold temperatures outside, by creating a well-house insulation that are largely heated by the energy already existing in the building, where a lot of energy is generated by the people and the household equipment. This heat is utilized inside and prevented lost outside, and the result is an energy efficiency to save the energy consumption for heating.

The Swedish house plan in a round shape is taking part to support the concept for its ability in eliminating cold-bridges and reduces the wall enclosing an area of the house. Other sustainable design features of the green house located in Borlange, central Sweden are the solar panels and sustainable materials that can save energy, as well as suited for a healthy lifestyle and a comfortable living in harmony with the surrounding natural environment consisting of a lake in a pine forest.