Red Shades on Modern Contemporary Home Design of Godoy House by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos

This is a modern contemporary home design that shows the greatness of the big size and open plan concept, with little touches of red shades which gave more flexibility on its contemporary style to free from the stiffly design. Luxury already appear on the exterior, featuring architecture design that presents the stacked volumes structure that is sustained by the strong steel structure. There are sections that juts on in some parts, one of which is a cantilevered volume that gives shade to relax on an open lounge area close to the swimming pool, it impresses the stunning modern patio design.

The open plan concept provides the direct connection between outdoor and home interior design, as apparent in the open lounge area is an extension of home interiors, also supported by the transparency of the glass facade, a very good example in the master bedroom on the upper floor, where, the large rectangular glass walls connecting the bedroom interior with nature. The interior design on the first floor forming the double height space that makes the room seem relieved, spacious and cool with cross ventilation, in this area the modern roof design adopting a kind of large skylights provide an abundance of natural light. The combination of double-height space design and open house plan really appear as a typical house that seemed majestic and luxurious. Not far from the room with high ceiling design, a modern staircase connects to the second floor and basement.

Contemporary touch appears on the red accents of red sofa, or contemporary red furniture, white sofas with touches of zebra pillows, and red accents also appear on the wall design. Red accents are perfect paired with the white interior color or other neutral color like beige. The color on wood flooring reduce the contrast of red and white, giving the impression of soft and comfortable. Godoy House located in Zapopan, a private neighborhood outside the city of Jalisco, Mexico, was designed by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos (, embracing all of modernity, luxury and comfort into one classy modern contemporary private residence.