Minimalist Home Design with Rectangular Blocks Shapes by Kazuyuki Okumura Architect & Associates

Here is good example of good minimalist home design. The concept of simplicity is much influenced by traditional Japanese design and architecture that implements the Zen concepts of simplicity transmit the ideas of freedom and essence of living. This simplicity is not only recognized as an aesthetic value, more than that, it has a moral perception that looks into the nature of truth and reveals the inner qualities of materials and objects for the essence. This is an interesting philosophy to be applied to architectural design.

The structure of this 200 square meter house is build on the 750 square meter site, designed by Kazuyuki Okumura Architect & Associates ( uses relatively simple elegant designs, little ornamentation that give priority to quality. This Japanese minimalist home design includes small rectangular blocks that highlight the empty or open space, which is successfully connects between perfect planes, lighting, and careful consideration of the void spaces left by the removal of three-dimensional shapes aspects from an architectural design. Rectangular blocks are the basic geometric shapes, using only a single shape or a small number of like shapes for components for design unity, using tasteful non-fussy bright color combination. Natural patterns, natural textures and colors on wood decking and wood flooring, the construction also involves of steel and concrete materials with clean and fine finishes within ordered simplified structures.

Glass facade has an important role to provide transparency through the glass walls in public areas and open concept provides comfort in minimalist interior design with cross ventilation to provide natural ventilation and abundant natural lighting. As commonly in modern minimalist home design and particularly in minimalist interior design, the settings of color brightness balance and contrast between surface colors to improve visual aesthetics and gives the impression of clean, tidy and modern.