Luxury Modern Home Design with Unique Transparent Swimming Pool by Andres Remy

Including swimming pool into modern home design is great choice today. The transparency theme might be very suitable to associate with this modern luxury home design. Seemingly easiest indication on the main room with a minimalist design which providing a real transparency, such as in living area, dining area and kitchen design utilize two-sided glass facade with large glass walls and sliding glass doors to produce a direct view that expose the beauty of garden designs. This is a perfect example for the inspiring landscaping ideas. Ceiling design is somewhat complicated, capable of producing dramatic home lighting, supplemented by skylights which help the lighting during the day. In the kitchen area, a nice open plan design adapted to connect with the open area, where, a unique pool led to its strength. A transparent swimming pool obviously gives a different impression, covered by wood for cladding and wood decking ideas that define the combination of uniqueness and luxury.