Eco-friendly Home Design with Amazing Colorful Paint Ideas of English Residence in Orleans, Massachusetts

This eco-friendly home design is very nice, seems so fresh by applying the green concept and displays the color options to match the surrounding environment with bright colors combination of red, orange, and cedar colors. Zero Energy Design ( presents the concept of eco-friendly residence with new features commonly found on eco-friendly home design such as the exceptional energy performance with renewable energy systems, where, the house is also equipped with solar electric panels on the roof that can save energy, due to provide 30% of the home’s electricity. Green interior design that is able to create a green feeling throughout the house, providing clean and healthy indoor air quality supported by home’s natural ventilation system, the radiant floors create the comfortable and stable temperatures, and also utilize the reuse and renewable materials. Wood elements for wooden wall design, flooring ideas and decking ideas including wooden roof deck design gives a powerful natural shades, so that the relation between natural environment and the dwelling concept become in harmony.