Children cheerfulness in unique sphere living design of Fuji Kindergarten by Tekuza Architects

Based on the oval-shaped kindergarten with a perimeter of 183m, the circular shape joins and complements its unusual architecture design surrounds a Japanese zelkova tree 25m in height. The glass and wood structure forming the unique sphere living design made for 500 children, which is conceived as a delightful single village. Fuji Kindergarten in Japan, designed by Tekuza Architects ( is able to combining the architecture concept and education concept brilliantly, especially for kindergarten. The results were so amazing, lovely exterior facade and the interior design that accommodate the garden and play space are able to give cheerfulness to children on each floor which gradually builds up on the spiral shape around the tree. This building really effectively combines the design, function and recreation, from the strength of some elements such as architecture design, art, green concept, eco-friendly home design, education and social functions.

Unique Sphere Living Design
Unique Living Design Outdoor Lighting

Open Sphere Living Design

Unique Living Design Children Play
Unique Living Design
Unique Sphere Living Design Exterior
Unique Living Design Exterior Kindergarten

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