Awesome Creative Architecture Design of Sumaré House in Brazil by Isay Weinfeld

This creative architecture design is really brilliant. It seems a complicated terraced house design, a work of creative architecture design with the background of height restriction laws, where, the building could not exceed 2 floors, so this modern and luxurious home design has become apparent controversial. Multifaceted that can be seen in a variety of interpretations, but at the end the terraced house in in several floors has its own style to show that each floor has spaces open to a lawn so the feeling of being on upper level or lower level is forgotten.  Even, the sitting and dinning room open to a larger lawn on the middle floor, just a few steps above street level. This spacious concrete house designed by Isay Weinfeld Arquitecto ( and featuring a stunning exterior and comfortable interior design include living room with a long étagère displays the owner’s collection, a dance floor, two bedrooms (on the private bedroom, the space is enclosed by a screen of pre-cast concrete blocks, enabling to see the city skyline in the distance), a spacious wooden deck on the top level, luxury indoor swimming pool, and all other rooms appropriate to a residence.

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