Tips to Make Small Living Room Look Spacious

Here are few tips to overcome problem of small living room. The main task is how to create this small living room look larger than actual size. It can be done in several ways. Positive aspect of small living room is this is less maintenance than large living room, but the negative aspect is this living room is tend to clutter and can reduce comfort.

Small Living Room

Living room is public area where we receive guests coming or invite friends. Off course, we want to make them feel comfortable. Do some tricks below to make your small living room felt more comfortable.

Start from color

Easy way to transform small living room appearance is using the right color when you paint living room wall. Here there are three main element should be considered: wall, ceiling and floor. These three elements take big proportion to grab eye attention.

For small living room, only use light colors to paint wall, for example: soft green and blue. It doesn’t matter if we will combine more than one color to create variation or accent color. One side is bolder than other sides. But don’t too dark.

Ceiling is better if painted lighter than wall. For floor, select light color tiles or at least shiny hardwood floor.

Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Declutter everything

The main enemy of small living room decoration is at clutter factor. Sometime people like to put anything the like at living room, maybe just for display their collection. This is not good habit. For small space, please only very necessary items we may put there.

Remove unnecessary items from small living room as many as you can.

Small Living Room Decorating

Multifunction furniture

For small living room, multifunction furniture is the answer to overcome limitation of space. For example, we can put living room table or coffee table with several racks or place to put some items such as books, newspaper and magazine.

Keep clean

Always clean up this small living room every day to make it look clean from dust and always to put anything in its place after using it.

Build shelving units

Shelving units are smart storage place for small space. It can be attached into wall. To camouflage its existing, we can paint these shelving units in the same color with living room wall. Shelving units can be used to store and organize anything to reduce clutter problem.

Create larger illusion

Here are some clever ideas to create spacious illusion:

  • Install big mirror. Big mirror in proper location will create double space illusion. Its mean this small space look larger.
  • Good if your window come in big size. It will let sun shine brighten living room. Install Roman blinds or shutter curtain for this window.
  • Vertical stripes pattern can create illusion that ceiling look higher. It can be done by installing wallpaper with vertical line pattern or paint wall with this style. You can do it by using fake painting to create art touch.


Give attention to horizontal and vertical direction

What doest it mean? This understanding will give maximum result to create spacious impression. Horizontal direction means restricting of size furniture we may put at living room. While vertical direction means restricting height of furniture. These both direction can create additionally space both horizontal and vertical direction.

Create focal point

The right focal point at small living room can change people’s attention from real size of living room into other attention. For example: put unique coffee trunks, pretty aquarium and small plants inside living room.

Actually there are many ways to decorate small living room. No reason anymore that small space means narrow and not comfortable. Just try it!