The Festive Luxury Home Decor with Wallpapers and Decorative Patterns

This is the luxury and festive theme of home interior design and home decorating ideas presented by the variation of wallpaper ideas and the use of various decorative patterns that appear scattered throughout the home interiors. This festive impression seems to be a classic in gold, red and purple color combinations. At first glance and instantly, luxury home decor was shining through the golden charm of furniture; lighting fixtures to table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights and particularly luxury golden chandeliers; accessories and decorative patterns; as well as on paint ideas. Red and purple complement the color combination and come into a unity that gives the impression of the gracefully classic. A very prominent role of wallpapers, furniture design, crystal chandeliers and golden chandeliers, vibrant rugs design with the charming decorative patterns, exciting cushion covers, and attractive curtains providing maximum results in the luxury home decor that look festive, yet, still retain its elegance.