The Elegance of Scandinavian Country Style Interior Design

This is a Scandinavian style interior design that will always attract our attention and makes us more loving in all things related to the Scandinavian country style. This lovely house from Eklund Stockholm New York ( featuring 4 bedrooms, 2 newly renovated bathrooms, a laundry room with separate entrance and a beautiful patio, all of which demonstrate the sophisticated and elegant interior design and decorating ideas.

A very strong Scandinavian country style ambience instantly felt on bright house paint ideas in white color, especially coupled by the abundance of natural light flooding through the glass doors and glass windows. In Scandinavian living room, white sofas and white home furniture shine the luxury charms. And, one thing that is absolutely present in the Scandinavian country style interior design is a timber element that dominates from wood flooring, wood wall design to wood ceiling design.

Distinctive feature on Scandinavian country style dining room visible on beams wood ceiling design, while the white dining room set was more contemporary impressed, but the Scandinavian country style strengthened again on wood flooring, old furniture collection and old fireplace. Whereas, in the Scandinavian country style kitchen design, old wood stove gives a strong rustic character which is supported by hood design and distinctive wood shelving ideas. In general, all characteristic of the Scandinavian country brought to all rooms in the house, the few exceptions on 2 newly renovated bathrooms with heated tiled floor.