How to Pick the Right Exterior House Paint Color Combinations

Important to get the best exterior house paint color combinations for your home. However people and you will judge a home aesthetic from outside first. So pick the right good color combination to improve your house beauty visually.

For some people, it’s not easy to get and find good exterior house paint color combinations for their home, because there are hundreds or even thousands color combination can be explored. Guideline below will free you from some confusing.

Exterior House Paint Color Combinations

Only Three Colors

Principle to use colors are restrict only applying maximum three colors. More than three colors will produce very busy appearance and this is the fast way to tell other people that you are an amateur painter. Whatever primary color you will take, then you should only complete it with two colors again. Don’t be emotional to use as many colors as you like.

Exterior House Color Schemes

Understand Your House Style

Every house has different architecture style. It will determine on exterior house paint color combinations you will choose. If you house has colonial orVictoria architecture style, so classic colors are the perfect choice. For modern house style, vivid colors will help to improve your house beauty.

Exterior House Paint Color Ideas

What Material You Use for Your Wall

If you house is built use stone or expose brick, it’s better to let them without painting to show its natural shape. Applying painting colors are good only for concrete and block wall.

Research First

See your house from street opposite. Use digital camera to take some pictures of your house and also your environment and neighbor’s house. You will need it later to try some color combination using some tools.

Use Free Tools

Some free tools such as Behr, Sherwin William, Color Jive and Color Style Studio allow you to upload your picture and then use built in feature to explore many possible color combination to get the right one.

Big or Small House?

If your house has large dimension, it will give you flexibility benefits to explore many colors. But if your house is small, beware to use dark color. Because dark color will make your house look smaller and narrow. God colors for small house are white, light neutrals ( tan, ivory, beige ) and light pastels ( pale green, pale yellow, pale blue ).

Additional Tools

Beside using above virtual tools, other useful tools are color charts, color scheme and color wheel. Pick one primary color first and then you will get two match color to complete it.

Pay attention first to wall because wall will take biggest proportion on painting. Then you can paint window and door using the same color family or other colors to create accent color.

Coordinate with Your Environment

Maybe this is not really important, but if you don’t want you home look very different and strange compared you environment, so you should consider dominant color of your neighbor’s house colors.

Choose High Quality Paint

Your outside part of your home will face weather stronger than room within your home. Better if you use paint that can withstand to face weather, rain, snow, moisture and fungus.

I hope all above explanation can give you a little understanding to decorate your exterior house. As long as you use some above principle, you will get match exterior house paint color combinations.