Enchanting Modern Lodge Design with Wood and Stone

Probably inspired by natural stone and cedar houses in the mountainous landscape, this modern lodge design really expose the stone and wood for exterior facade and interiors. Stone materials on the exterior facade gives the impression of natural, and as beautiful decorative walls, as well as including the wood as the main focus. In the interiors, the room which is covering the dining area and living area let the wood elements dominating from the wooden floor design to the ceiling design that expose the wooden beams. The sweet stone accents contained on fireplace and chimney. Ceiling design always shows the unexpected forms,  wood elements follow the shape of sharp corners formed by the roof. While in the kitchen, wood dominate the cabinetry, wood accents on floor, and a curved shape for the wooden decorative lighting fixtures hanger. A very modern appearance presented by the bathroom with glass panels on shower room.

Bathroom Modern Lodge Home
Contemporary Lodge Home Interior
Modern Lodge Home

Modern Lodge Decor
Modern Lodge Interior
Modern Lodge Design
Contemporary Bedroom Decorating

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