Contemporary Spacious and Relieved Interior with Loft Ideas and High Ceiling Design in London

What will you do if your house has high ceiling design? The main living space gives a different atmosphere with a contemporary loft ideas, due to a significant impact on the high ceiling design that contribute directly to the spatial function and dimension. Of course, the design of contemporary loft from Urban Spaces is emphasized in the main living area which is felt so spacious and relieved. Convenience factor becomes the next benefit, since the structural air circulation and well-ventilated design gives coolness and freshness. However, this construction clearly reduced the dimensions of the modern kitchen which located below the loft, however, the influence of good air circulation from the main room, and a touch of white color seems to be the right solutions, so everything seems fine. In the bathroom, the arrangement considers the effectiveness of layout to provide a relieved and comfort with glass shower room design at most corner, which serve as glass divider that gives space on a toilet and wash basin. It is quite comfortable and elegant with clay and cement tiles on wall design.