Amazing Festive Contemporary Home interior Design

Great contemporary home interior design can be reached in many ways. A good interior decorator would have thought thousand times to combine color scheme with the home lighting, to get a dramatic appearance on home interiors. Playing with  neutral colors to get the festive impression must be very exciting, because neutral colors can easily accentuate other colors, especially combined with a heavier color tones, such as: black, blue, red and yellow. But the bold and solid color like black ones, can be resolved with the combination of contrasting colors, like white or gray, so the addition of blue, yellow or red will give the festive impression on home interiors.

Also don’t forget to include lighting consideration in contemporary home interior design. Home lighting actually has a slightly different approach, because of color mixing, such as in paint ideas different from the light colors mixing. Neutral color in terms of paint ideas will be easier to accommodate the combination of several light colors. However, to avoid complications, light colors from the lighting fixtures should be white or neutral in a room that combines several color scheme. So, there is no distortion to get the festive colors on home interiors. These are some examples of festive home interiors designed by Island Architects ( which brilliantly managed to combine the color scheme and home lighting in harmony.