Some Ideas about Coffee Table Trunks

If you’re looking for something unique for your drinking coffee time, so try coffee table trunks ideas. This is really unique and will make your coffee table look stand out from the crowd. Your guest will be surprised. It’s able to bring new feel.

Generally this coffee table trunks can be made from unused trunks. If you have enough carpenter skill experience, you can build by yourself. Believe me, it will be your enjoying task.

Coffee Table Trunks Material to be Used

Common material for coffee table trunks are wood, metal, leather, bamboo, rattan and wicker. No matter which material you will choose, this coffee table trunks will bring vintage look and unforgettable moment.

To shortened the process to build, you can look for this coffee table trunks material from antique store at affordable price. Good if which you will buy, you have considered with room interior where you will put it.

Antique Trunk Coffee Table

Clean First

Usually all trunks from antique store come in not really good condition. It’s time to clean up from dust and all dirt. Use appropriate cleaner for each trunks material. For example, if you buy trunks with leather surface, use only specific leather cleaner. If trunks is made from wood, use warm water, soap and soft cloth.

Coffee Table Trunks Chests

Make Over to Make It Beautiful

There are several ideas to make over this coffee table trunks appearance visually. The main idea is keeping old style and vintage look. Family photo in vintage frame style is good choice. Also old books and few memorable things, you can put there. It doesn’t matter you or your guests will read these books or not. It’s only to complete decoration.

Also better if you prepare some glass coasters to put hot drinking waters above this coffee table.

Coordinate with Your Room Interior

To complete these coffee table trunks decoration, consider room where you will put it. It should be looked harmonize. For example: on the wall you can install classic painting style, anchor from old ship, old style wall clock, and family photos in old style look. Fast way is installing wallpaper with vintage theme.

Consider Rugs

There are two options for you to enjoy your delicious hot coffee: you can use chair or rugs. But I think, use rugs can add intimacy feeling with your guests.

To improve relaxing feeling, perfect is you put this coffee table trunks near aquarium. Seeing funny fish swimming can bring atmosphere more relax and fresh.

Also don’t forget to determine how height this coffee table is. Too height or too low are bad.

Prepare Free Space

Off course around every coffee table trunks need free space to make this area felt spacious. Keep other room elements in enough distance, it can increase comfort feeling for your guests.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of coffee table trunks are this is clever way to manipulate small room dimension by putting this coffee table, because attention of people will not at room size again, but move to this pretty coffee table trunks.

Beside that, good make over this coffee table can make it interesting focal point at this room.

Last, to own coffee table trunks will not spend a lot of money.

So many ideas you can explore to create comfortable feeling to enjoy hot coffee. And one of simple idea is having coffee table trunks.