Guide to Draw Floor Plans for Homes

First thing people should consider before building home are preparing floor plans for homes. Many tools both paid and free are available. But all available tools are only tools to make faster you work. The most important factor is your concept and your understanding about what kind of home style you will build.

Floor Plans For Homes So, what important aspects we should think first?

Knowing Room Category

Before designing floor plans for homes, knowing first character and function of each room. Commonly for every home there are two different rooms: public and private room. Including into public room is living room, a place to invite and receive guests, while private room are bedroom and bathroom. Others rooms are family room and kitchen. Specify first for each room size and how many room you will plan.

Floor Plans For Small Houses Dimension of Land

The next thing to make floor plans for homes are knowing dimension and shape of your land before drawing. These two aspects however will determine and restrict your home floor plan. Measure length and width accurately. Then decide how wide your home area will take part from this whole land. It’s up to you if you will spend all land area for building. But in my opinion, better if you prepare area for garden and yard.

Open Floor Plans Homes Get Help and Resource

Floor plans for homes are very important thing. It will determine for lifetime whether your family will feel comfortable or not to live at this home later. Some reference can be explored from architecture and interior magazine, home decorating site or ask to expert or your friends who understand about architecture concept.

It’s Time to Draw

Based on shape and dimension of land and how many room you will need, then create sketch picture by pencil. Better if you create several home plans in the same time. Then compare all your plans, which is the best to be chosen.

Use Tool to Finish It

After getting the best home floor plan, then move this rough picture into computer to get more accurate design. SmartDraw and Floor Planner are good and simple to operate tool. Free to use what tool you use. The most important, you know how to use it.

Adding Detail

After this design finish, then you add detail to complete. Your picture still empty from home elements such as door, window, furniture, desk, shower, bath tub, and so on. Tool like SmartDraw has built in feature to do this task.

Express Your Personality with Colors

Now, it’s exciting part. Decide what colors you will choose. There are two consideration to decide it: based on your favorite colors or based on your future goal. If you like blue, for example, then you choose blue, it means you decide based on your favorite color. But if you choose green because green has healing effect, it means your decision based on goal of home atmosphere you will build.

Last …

All above steps can applied into any home type, no matter small home or big home. The principle is same. What make different is at complexity degree.