Outdoor Wood Fireplace with the Fabulous Zero by AK47space

Outdoor wood fireplace creates warmth for outdoor purposes, including on patio, garden and wherever you like to entertain guests, friends and family. This burning flame emerged elegantly from an outdoor wood fireplace designed by the Italian company, AK47space (http://www.ak47space.com). Zero presenting outdoor furniture appliances that is able to provide warmth with silent burning of the embers. This outdoor wood fireplace is one of the furnishing accessories products from AK47space with an incredible concepts of innovative, docile, efficacious and efficient, brought together in the attractive circular shape design. The combustion chamber and the flame is at the center of the circle, while the outer ring is designed functionally as part of seats, and serve as a wood storage system. Some advantages of this outdoor fireplace are compact, practical, easy to carry and assembled. So it is also suitable to carry anywhere on picnic during vacation.