The Unique White Fireplace Mantel of The Country-style Scandinavian Interior Design in Sweden

Are you looking for white fireplace mantel? Here is the best one. Perfect combined with white room. White color, as if a marker of modernity that is applied to the Scandinavian country home interior design. Predominantly wood shades, ranging from the floor design, wall design to ceiling design which demonstratively … Continue reading

Outdoor Wood Fireplace with the Fabulous Zero by AK47space

Outdoor wood fireplace creates warmth for outdoor purposes, including on patio, garden and wherever you like to entertain guests, friends and family. This burning flame emerged elegantly from an outdoor wood fireplace designed by the Italian company, AK47space ( Zero presenting outdoor furniture appliances that is able to provide warmth … Continue reading

The Graceful Thanksgiving Day with Fireplace Candle Centerpiece

Candles and Thanksgiving always have a close relationship. Candles in the old days might become part of the main home lighting, candles are now more likely to be an essential part of home decorating ideas. However, the candles will add a serene, elegant and romantic atmosphere in the home interior. … Continue reading