Cheer Up Your Kids Bedroom with Cheetah Print Theme

Smart way to decorate your kids bedroom in cheap cost and easy way is using cheetah print bedroom decoration. It’s perfect for active boys. The character of cheetah will inspire all boys to do all things fast. Cheetah is the fastest runner in the jungle.

But don’t misunderstanding, this cheetah print bedroom decoration is also good for your daughters bedroom. What make difference is color theme choice. For boys: black, brown, orange and yellow. While for daughters: pink. It’s felt more feminine.

Cheetah Print Bedroom

This cheetah print bedroom decoration can be applied into wall, blanket, pillow, lamp cap, rugs, poster, etc.

Color Combination

The point of cheetah print bedroom theme is on spot. You can combine the right color to focus these spots. Usually spot color is chosen in darker than background, it’s for making these spots look focus and stronger. For example, for black spot, good combined with tan or light brown.

Cheetah Print Bedroom Ideas

Select Area You Will Decorate

It’s up to you to implement this cheetah print bedroom decorating ideas. You can apply it at everywhere and every elements. But make sure it will not make your kids bedroom look crowd and busy. Generally, this decoration will take part on wall, floor and bed.

To transform jungle atmosphere into bedroom decoration, some elements can be used altogether for some areas. But if you want to get more elegant decoration, only decorate certain area such as bed, while wall and floor are kept without cheetah theme decoration. It has purpose to focus which area you will choose as focal point.

Cheetah Print Bedroom Decor

Start to Apply

To decorate wall with cheetah print bedroom theme, you can install wallpaper in cheetah theme. It will be fast way to change entire room appearance visually. If you don’t like install wallpaper, but more like to keep wall in plain color, so install few posters about these animals in some interesting actions are good. Another idea is beautify wall with stencil or sticker with cheetah theme.

To decorate bed is simply, find beddings sets with cheetah theme to cover mattress. Combine with pillow cover and near bed, put lamp table with cap completed with cheetah pictures.

Do similar way to decorate floor. Just install large rugs with this theme. If you want to feel the real jungle adventure, so find rugs with fake cheetah head on the edge. It’s like a sleeping in bedroom with cheetah.

Complete It …

To get maximum sense of living in cheetah world, complete this cheetah print bedroom decoration with movies about cheetah, cheetah statues from plastic and resin, hat, belt and t’shirt with cheetah theme, curtain with spots pattern like cheetah skin and books about cheetah living.

Conclusion: decorating bedroom with cheetah theme is not difficult. Just explore your imagination, find reference and go to shop to buy everything you need.