Fish Tank Decoration Ideas for Living Room

There are many interesting fish tank decoration ideas you can apply to beautify your living room. In the past, people put aquarium within their home because they have hobby to care fish. But now, aquarium has been one of interior design element you can choose. Having great aquarium with great decoration can enhance living room appearance.

Fish Tank Decorations I list few fish tank decoration ideas you can follow. Free to modify and add other elements to complete your decoration plan. Below are three themes I choose:

Pirate Movie Inspired Theme

Have you ever seen pirate movies such as Pirate of the Caribbean? Well, it’s interesting if you can develop a theme decoration based on movie like this. You may put ship toys, treasure box, sand, gravel and also several pirates with their sword. If you can combine it with the right lighting choice, this decoration will be seen like a journey on the pirates adventure when you see on the night.

Home Aquarium Ideas Natural Look Theme

Maybe from common fish tank decoration ideas, decorating aquarium with this theme is popular choice. For fish tank background, you can install picture printing showing under see view. While on the basin, put sand, gravel and stone. Don’t forget to put plants. Fish like to swim and hide into these plants. If you want your aquarium bring genuine natural view, so genuine plants are your choice. But if you want to reduce maintenance time, so fake plants that you can buy at aquarium store you may choose.

Fish Tank Decoration Ideas Kids Movie Inspired Theme

Do you know SpongeBob Squarepants? This very popular cartoon is one of favorite kids cartoon movie. If you have kids, think about this theme. To do this, similar way you can implement like above decorating ideas. Put cartoon characters ( SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Crab, etc ) into bottom aquarium. Install poster from this movie as background.

Last …

Give additional function to this aquarium, off course its main function is to decorate living room. Other functions are:

  • For small home, usually between living room and another room is built without wall to divide it. If your aquarium dimension is big, it’s good if you function it as room divider.
  • Another creative idea is combining aquarium with table to create very unique coffee table. It’s rather strange idea, but if you can combine and construct well, I guarantee it will be amazing coffee table.
  • Also you can function it as medium to get relax feeling. After working hard in the whole day, then sitting near this aquarium and watching pretty fish swim, this aquarium can provide healing effect.