Spacious apartment living space at the attic of Modern Loft Apartment Interior Design by Damilano Studio

This is a good model for a very attractive modern apartment interior design, as a result of the old loft building renovation. Modern interior design maximizes the white color to combine with an old style of 240sqm attic area which dotted by glass roof windows and skylights. The rooms become abundantly of light, bright with a glass facade that has been adapted to modern styles. As reflected in the entertainment room, where a piano lies just under the stylish round skylight. It really show a modern and contemporary ambiance. However, the most prominent in this modern loft apartment is a spacious apartment living space at the attic! If we are familiar with a narrow attic, as an extra room for private area such as bedroom, the apartment interior design is certainly very extraordinary. Attico designed by architect Duilio Damilano ( ; photos by Andrea Martiradonna) is actually offering the interior design for a spacious, beautiful, elegant and comfortable attic area. A great work to conjure up a simple attic into a modern loft apartment to be reckoned with.