Big and Spacious Scandinavian Contemporary Apartment Interior Design in Sweden

It’s time to get contemporary apartment interior design ideas for modern people! What makes this apartment interior felt so big and spacious are the high ceiling design or double-height space and big windows. Actually, the apartment main room is quite simple, accommodating living room, kitchen and dining room. However, the high ceiling design really makes it look different, especially, reinforced by the large windows design that exceed the door height. While at the corner, the stylish decorative storage combines aesthetics and function. Storage also has its height to the ceiling. As a result, this all gives the impression of big and spacious, especially by exposing loft which is connected by a staircase with a simple railing.

Moreover, there is another side which also attracted our attention, that is red accent which sweeten the whole interior of this apartment. In the main room of this Swedish apartment (see:, two large red sofas obviously be a focal point that beautify the living area. The same things also applied to the master bedroom with a red background, as well as home office interest with a slight red accents. In general, the interior of this apartment is very Scandinavian style look with charming wooden floors.