Colorful Green Sustainable Small Restaurant Design

This small restaurant design that is fully sustainable and adopt the green concept. The green concept is evidenced by the Clean Currents, which produces renewable energy in the DC area, and has been certified by the Green Restaurant Association for its prudent attitude on waste. Where, all the packaging is … Continue reading

Green Colour Kitchen Design and Decorating Ideas

When we see green colour kitchen design, we will feel fresh. Green color has healing effect. Green paint options with oak kitchen apparently capable to produce a very sweet and harmonious blend for kitchen design and decorating ideas. In this case, Clonmel Knotty Oak Kitchen ( presents a soft green … Continue reading

Green Home Interiors Theme with Green Wallpapers

Bring green home interiors style can be done in several ways. One way to create the feel of a go-green in home interiors is to choose green options for home paint. However, to create decorative wall with the more varied patterns, then the green wallpaper option is a quick, simple … Continue reading

Green Carpet for Green Living Room Concept

Green living room as if to bring the feel of nature into the living room. Green carpet gives the freshness of verdant grass into living room interior. Indeed, it is not easy to get the green color balance in the room. Syncing a green carpet with green furniture and home … Continue reading

Great Office Lighting Ideas on Office Ceiling Designs

Don’t forget to explore some possible office lighting ideas if you want to design comfortable office. Having the beautiful and nice office interiors are expected to be able to improve employee performance, in addition of course, would enhance the credibility and prestige of the office. Office lighting ideas have an … Continue reading