The Modern Minimalist MDF Furniture Design of Peekaboo cabinet by Kaia Helene Lisveen Lien

MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) furniture has characteristic denser than plywood furniture, usually come in the cabinet with curved-shape drawers are stylish and sleek, yet, wide enough to accommodate all sorts of things that otherwise clutter your space. Peekaboo cabinet designed by Kaia Helene Lisveen Lien (, a Norwegian designer, featuring brown … Continue reading

The Festive Luxury Home Decor with Wallpapers and Decorative Patterns

This is the luxury and festive theme of home interior design and home decorating ideas presented by the variation of wallpaper ideas and the use of various decorative patterns that appear scattered throughout the home interiors. This festive impression seems to be a classic in gold, red and purple color … Continue reading

The Round Shape Kitchen Design of Volare Model from Aran Cucine

Round shape kitchen design gives an artistic impression and contemporary, as well. Curved or round shape, however, should be able to accommodate all of the functionality and efficiency for a modern kitchen. Volare models from Aran Cucine ( provide innovative solutions in kitchens, is its ability to create and renew … Continue reading

The White Modern Concrete House in Lisbon by Jorge Mealha

The white modern concrete house capables of delivering solutions in the design and functionality based on its location on a sloping site, which is situated at Alto do Lagoal in Paço de Arcos, a district of Lisbon overlooking the sea. This modern white stacked volumes designed by Jorge Mealha (, … Continue reading

The Modern Minimalist Pekapeka Beach House Design in New Zealand by Parsonson Architects

New Zealand is famous for its beautiful scenery, one of them is Pekapeka Beach. It’s a good idea to build a house on it, Parsonson Architects ( managed a simple modular construction techniques combined with a very simple form in low budget. The plan is divided into 3 parts in … Continue reading