The Lovely Stylish Tint Table Lamp by Magnus Pettersen

This tint table lamp is made with the mixture of two materials: glass and concrete, producing a  very lovely lighting fixtures for home lighting. Tint Table Lamp with 360 x 200 mm in dimensions, designed by Scandinavian designer Magnus Pettersen (, which is brilliantly able to combine hard materials like … Continue reading

The Amazing Glow of Contemporary Suit Lamp Collection from Alma Light

If you will decorate your room, consider this contemporary suit lamp. The floor lamp and table lamp have a very contemporary look with amazing glow. This elegant and exciting luminescence is generated from the direct lighting that comes out of the top/ bottom and indirect lighting through its translucent screen … Continue reading

The Stunning Sponge Spherical Outdoor Lighting by Miguel Angel García Belmonte

This is a bit odd lamp design with a spherical shape, produces warm light and porous, as a result of hand made pottery piece skin. The Sponge is formed from a clay ball with a unique design achieve the look along the uneven surface where the light slips through. The … Continue reading