Luxury Modern Home Design with Unique Transparent Swimming Pool by Andres Remy

Including swimming pool into modern home design is great choice today. The transparency theme might be very suitable to associate with this modern luxury home design. Seemingly easiest indication on the main room with a minimalist design which providing a real transparency, such as in living area, dining area and … Continue reading

Awesome Creative Architecture Design of Sumaré House in Brazil by Isay Weinfeld

This creative architecture design is really brilliant. It seems a complicated terraced house design, a work of creative architecture design with the background of height restriction laws, where, the building could not exceed 2 floors, so this modern and luxurious home design has become apparent controversial. Multifaceted that can be … Continue reading

The Modern Country Villa Apartment of Moncao Holiday Villa in Portugal

This stylish modern country villa apartment is showing the delightful design of spacious, bright airy rooms with quality finish, which is equipped with central heating, large indoor BBQ, veranda looking down on the lush valley. Moreover, Moncao holiday villa “Lugar de Carvalho” situated at the peaceful rural village in Riba … Continue reading

The smart extension for amazing green house design with small site by Zen Architects

This is a smart renovation and extension to create a green house design on a small site area of 166 square meters with the details: The 100 square meters building footprint area, floor area of 132 square meters and the size of 45 square meters outdoor garden area. A nice … Continue reading

Seafarer Residence, the Australian Luxury House Design by Jared Poole

This majestic house design is very luxurious and big with a gross floor area of 1900 m2, consists of three floors and basement, which is supported by the glass facade allows to get the best views of the ocean landscape by glass walls and glass doors. In addition, the Seafarer … Continue reading