The Modern Minimalist MDF Furniture Design of Peekaboo cabinet by Kaia Helene Lisveen Lien

MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) furniture has characteristic denser than plywood furniture, usually come in the cabinet with curved-shape drawers are stylish and sleek, yet, wide enough to accommodate all sorts of things that otherwise clutter your space. Peekaboo cabinet designed by Kaia Helene Lisveen Lien (, a Norwegian designer, featuring brown … Continue reading

CUPCAKE, the Charming Furniture Collection from Bretz

These are the sofa, armchair, and stool which visually providing comfort, especially when sit on it, then the very exciting experience, relaxing and comfortable has become a reality. This amazing furniture is CUPCAKE, designed by Carolin Fieber, manufactured by Bretz (, based on Hard bowl – soft core: Bowl is … Continue reading